Since starting Pamoja’s new academic year in September and based on your feedback, we have made a host of refinements on ManageBac to improve the overall Pamoja Online Course experience for Site-based Coordinators (SBCs) and your students.

If you are an IB DP Student, feel free to check-out our sister post Pamoja for Students: Product Update (October).

First, here is a recap of what we have improved for Site-based Coordinators:

Course Request Workflow

Released W3-W4 September

Streamlining the Course Registration process to make it quick & easy for you to register your students for Pamoja Online Courses. The entire process can now be managed from within your ManageBac > Plans section.

Together with global improvements to the IB Diploma Plan Worksheet, you can easily add Pamoja Online Courses and track the Course Request status individually.

With improved data validation, both for Pamoja Online Course requirements as well as for IBIS exam registration, you will be able to complete two steps in one!

course request@2x 1

By clicking Manage Course Requests you can access the Course Request Dashboard, which provides a bird’s eye view of all Course Requests / Enrollments by Status, Subject and Type with automatic, real-time sync from Pamoja Admissions via OpenApply.

Following this update, all Pamoja Online Course registration workflows for Standard, Transfer and special requests have been seamlessly integrated into ManageBac, without the need to login or access any other system.

SBC Engagement Analytics

Released W3-W4 October

The No. 1 priority for SBCs is to be able to monitor student engagement in Pamoja Online Courses, especially for those schools who have more than 20 students enrolled with Pamoja. With the new Pamoja Home > SBC Dashboard, you can now access your Pamoja engagement analytics from directly within your ManageBac school:

In this release, you will be able to see Engagement Ratings for each of your students. By clicking on their name, you will be seamlessly redirected to Pamoja’s ManageBac instance as an SBC, where you can browse their upcoming Lessons, Grades and more.

In our next release, you will be able to browse detailed Coursework Submission (green dots), Last Login, and their Term Grades.

Pamoja Home

Pamoja Home is a space dedicated to Pamoja Online Courses for SBCs. Here you will find useful resources to learn more about the role of an SBC, as well as articles with monthly product updates & news. Within Pamoja Home, you will also find Engagement Analytics for each of your students. You can find Pamoja Home at the bottom of your left navigation menu.

For a recap of our key improvements and future updates for your Students, please take a look at our sister blog, Pamoja for Students: Product Update (October).

SBC Focus Group

For a step-by-step walkthrough of Pamoja Online Courses on ManageBac and the upcoming improvements and enhancements, feel free to explore our presentation here:

If you would like to join our SBC focus group or have an idea for a Pamoja feature, please feel free to contact us at