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Mandarin ab initio

Mandarin ab initio is an innovative course for students with no previous formal experience of learning Mandarin or for those students with very limited exposure. It will enable them to communicate with people from a new culture and make a success of their time spent in a part of the world where Mandarin is commonly spoken.

18 Units 250 Lessons 2 Years

Course structure

The course covers the following topics:

Year 1

  • Course Overview
  • Introductions
  • Shopping
  • Daily Life
  • Food
  • School and Education
  • Home and Neighbourhood
  • People
  • End of Year Exam
  • China and the World


Year 2

  • Holidays
  • Emergencies
  • University and Education
  • Special Events, Festivals and Food
  • IA and Trial Exam
  • Work and Workplace
  • Our Home, Our Environment
  • Media and Technology

Please note that the Mandarin ab initio course content is in simplified characters

What is different in taking Mandarin ab initio online?

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • access a structured learning environment that provides flexibility and support in equal measure
  • study alongside students from around the world
  • gain experience of using the latest online learning tools
  • regularly communicate with teachers and fellow students
  • take part in interactive and engaging lessons that allow them to learn, review and practise easily
  • practise essential 21st century skills such as digital literacy, collaboration and self-organisation

Some things won’t be different though. Standards and expectations will be just as high as in a face to face classroom.


Activities and assessment

Activities include live online discussions, creating presentations, learning from videos, as well as exciting, hand-writing practice and interactive tasks. The emphasis is on learning actively together. Of course, there will be some traditional activities such as essay writing and oral practice to prepare you for the exams.

Assessment will be both formative and summative and fully in accordance with IB criteria. The IB assessment consists of two parts: external assessment and internal assessment. The external assessment assesses students’ productive and receptive skills, namely, writing, listening comprehension and reading comprehension. The internal assessment assesses oral skills. Students deliver a presentation based on a visual stimulus, before moving onto a general conversation with their teacher.

Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed in Mandarin ab initio SL, we recommend students set aside five to six hours a week.

Benefits to students

Taking Mandarin ab initio online will enable students to:

  • develop their receptive, productive and interactive skills
  • learn with students and teachers from around the world
  • function successfully in a Mandarin-speaking environment
  • develop an appreciation of the cultural riches of Mandarin-speaking communities
  • greatly expand their possibilities for work, entertainment and travel.

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Schedule a Demo

Pilot the Pamoja Online Course for up to four weeks from the day the course commences.

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