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Learning beyond the classroom

We utilise technology to create learning opportunities.

Learning beyond the classroom

We utilise technology to create learning opportunities.

Working in collaboration with IB World Schools

We have been working with International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools across the globe for almost a decade, providing innovative products and services adapted to their needs. We support each school in the successful delivery of their Diploma or Career-related Programme.

What we do

Based on our blended learning methodologies, our offering ranges from content that’s accessed via our digital platform, to courses that are taught online in full, promoting student responsibility and success.

Our courses are either taught online by our teachers, or taught by a school’s own teacher in the classroom. Written by subject matter experts and authorised by the IB, all courses meet IB standards and learning outcomes.

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Our products

Pamoja Taught

Pamoja Taught courses are authorised by the IB and are taught online by our experienced teachers trained in digital learning strategies. We take full responsibility for teaching and learning.

School Taught

School Taught courses provide teachers with IB-authorised course content that’s broken down into lessons, assessment materials and student activity monitoring tools, all within our online learning platform.

Request a demo

Our team is available to show you how our courses work from a student’s or a school’s perspective. Please submit your request to arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

About Pamoja

Pamoja is an education technology company based in Oxford, UK. We provide schools, teachers and students around the world with progressive, flexible solutions that support the implementation of blended learning methodologies.

In 2009, we launched the largest International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme online. We now teach thousands of students from hundreds of schools, promoting student responsibility and success whilst supporting schools’ blended learning strategies, through our flagship Pamoja Taught courses. We’ve recently developed new School Taught courses that enable teachers to flip their classroom. Students access IB-authorised lessons and resources via our online platform, encouraging new learning opportunities.


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