"Pamoja enabled me to ‘learn how to learn’ in a truly global environment"

Pamoja Class of 2022

Amelia Nykvist

“Amelia was a dedicated student in both her Business Management and French courses. She developed consistent and effective work habits in the online environment, which directly contributed to her success in achieving the highest scores in her final IB examinations. She took advantage of the global classroom, participating with vigour in the class discussions and with her teachers. Well done, Amelia!”

Cathy Hitchin
Principal of Pamoja Online Courses

University and major: University of Groningen, International Business
Upper secondary school: Gjøvik videregående skole, Norway
POC attended: Business Management (HL), French ab initio (SL), EE in Business Management

The interview with Amelia

Why did you choose a Pamoja Online Course (POC)?
I chose Pamoja Online Courses for the opportunity to learn in a more global environment with teachers and students from all around the world – something that I felt was integral to receiving an IB education. Pamoja made it possible for me to “learn how to learn” in a truly international setting.

What and where are you studying now and how has studying with Pamoja helped with your university course?
I’m currently studying International Business at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

I think Pamoja has helped me tremendously. For starters, it provided me with a solid basis of business knowledge. Secondly, it made me confident that I can adapt to new learning environments and work with people from diverse cultures. Finally, the courses have equipped me with the knowledge to manage my time and projects effectively.

What would you say to a student thinking about doing an online course? What would your advice be?
I’d say go for it! Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made as an IB DP student.

My biggest piece of advice for someone taking a Pamoja Online Course would be to be sure to connect with your classmates, as you will get to know so many new people from all over the world. That is what makes it a truly unique experience.

The Courses Taken

Amelia chose to experience the IB Diploma with Pamoja in the following subjects.

Was interacting with your online classmates similar to interacting with your classmates at your face-to-face school?
It was different, but in the best possible way. In the online setting, my classmates were located in many time zones, so there was always someone available to talk to in real time. I could always rely on someone being there to help out. It also favored having meaningful communications. We were set up in different groups where we could talk about our daily lives – it was amazing because it was a deeper connection than you’d expect in a face-to-face classroom.

How did you find Pamoja fitting in with your face-to-face subjects?
Pamoja Online Courses made my face-to-face subjects easier in the sense that I had more time throughout the day. I was able to balance my time effectively between classes at school and POCs, which I could do whenever I wanted to. That made me more motivated, and therefore, I often did better in my POCs.

The Interview with Amelia’s Parents

Christine and Shaun Nykvist say they wanted to ensure she could study the DP subjects that aligned with her future career interests. Unfamiliar with Pamoja at the beginning, they needed to ensure that the online course pathway would provide her the same opportunities.

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