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Embrace Your Mother Tongue

Proudly partnering with Mary Langford and the ILLTC (International Language and Literature Teachers’ Cooperative), Pamoja now offers support for over 15 IB DP School-Supported Self-Taught (SSST) Literature A courses.
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Building Greater Access to Mother-Tongue Instruction

In the dynamic landscape of international education, a common challenge persists: the need for mother-tongue instruction tailored to students’ diverse linguistic backgrounds. Many schools face significant challenges when attempting to source appropriately qualified teachers and may choose a Self-Taught option for Literature A.

Introducing Pamoja Self-Taught Languages – supporting over 15 IB Diploma Language A SSST courses. This service empowers IB schools to meet the needs of families seeking an educational experience where access to a mother-tongue language is deemed essential. It provides vital support for schools who may rely on unproven outsourced services, assuring a high quality experience at every step.

Experience the difference with Pamoja Self-Taught Languages – where every student’s linguistic journey is celebrated and supported, for exam success and beyond.

Our Experience

Bringing over 10 years of expertise in supporting SSST languages, ILLTC has built a network of experienced educators committed to fostering students’ passion for their mother-tongue languages.
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Congratulations to our new IB DP graduates! We have heard from 40 students who are speakers of Arabic, Danish, English, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Vietnamese who have earned an average of 5.3.
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Mary Langford

Director of ILLTC

The Languages We Offer

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If you are looking for support beyond the languages outlined here, please get in touch.

The Language Consultants

To build a robust framework of learning, students are facilitated by educators from the ILLTC. We call them the ILLTC Language Consultants.

Meet some of our Language Consultants.

How It Works

Weekly Interactions

Students engage with their ILLTC Language Consultant for either one or two hours per week, depending on their chosen path (Standard or Intensive). This includes:

Assisting in the development of a text list and outlining the course of study.

Weekly video calls.

Time dedicated to reviewing, correcting, and returning annotated work.

Programme Management

The student and ILLTC Language Consultant collaboratively oversee the program’s progression, with guidance from the school’s designated liaison (typically the Language A coordinator).

Packages & Fees

For students examined in May or November 2026.



65 Hours

A 65-hour service* (approximately 1 hour per week during term time) over the two-year IB SSST Lit A (SL) programme. The distribution of time is a guide rather than a rule.

Includes a weekly video call of about 45-50 minutes.

* For students transferring in for IB2, this is a 28-hour service.

Application Fee

£228 / $296 / ¥2,368 / €326

Formal Assessment

if required

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Y1 Transfer Fee

Applied if student joins mid-year in IB1 / Year 1)

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Full Year

Standard 1 hour/week up to 65 hours over 2 years

IB1 / Year 1

£3,270 / $4,251 / ¥34,008 / €4,676

IB1 / Year 2

£2,184 / $2,839 / ¥22,712 / €3,123

For Transfer Students Arriving in IB2 / Year 2

Application Fee

if not already collected in IB1 / Year 1

£228 / $296 / ¥2,368 / €326

Transfer Fee

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Full Year Standard

28 hour plan

£2,351 / $3,056 / ¥24,448 / €3,362



130 Hours

A 130-hour service* (approximately 2 hours per week during term time) over the two-year IB SSST Lit A (SL) programme. The distribution of time is a guide rather than a rule.

Includes two weekly video calls of about 45-50 minutes.

* For students transferring in for IB2, this is a 56-hour service.

Application Fee

£228 / $296 / ¥2,368 / €326

Formal Assessment

if required

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Y1 Transfer Fee

Applied if student joins mid-year in IB1 / Year 1

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Full Year

Intensive 2 hours/week up to 130 hours over 2 years

IB1 / Year 1

£6,540 / $8,502 / ¥68,016 / €9,352

IB1 / Year 2

£4,361 / $5,669 / ¥45,352 / €6,236

For Transfer Students Arriving in IB2 / Year 2

Application Fee

if not already collected in IB1 / Year 1

£228 / $296 / ¥2,368 / €326

Transfer Fee

£174 / $226 / ¥1,808 / €249

Full Year Standard

56 hour plan

£4,698/ $6,107 / ¥48,856 / €6,718


The cost of books, resources and materials to be used by the student is the responsibility of the student or school and not the ILLTC Consultant. Many Consultants are able to use open-source texts available online. If books in a particular language are difficult to obtain, the Consultant may be able to advise students on purchase options.

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Admissions Process


Get Started: Contact our Admissions team to begin the process.

Contact Our Team


Introduction: The ILLTC team will get in touch and introduce a Language Consultant.


Introductory Call: The ILLTC Language Consultant and student organise a complimentary introductory video call. The school and parent(s) are always copied in.


Feedback: The ILLTC will contact the Language Consultant and the student, while also copying the school, to exchange feedback after the Introductory call. In some cases, a Formal Assessment may be requested by the school or family or recommended by ILLTC to better assess the student’s language skills and literacy, and readiness for SSST Lit A (SL) programme. (This incurs a fee regardless of the outcome.)


Decision: The student, ILLTC Consultant, school and family collectively decide whether to proceed.


Formal Agreement: An agreement setting out everyone’s respective roles and responsibilities is sent to the school, family, and student by the ILLTC for acceptance.


Commencement: Upon acceptance of the agreement, service delivery can commence, and invoicing will be initiated.

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Who are we?

Pamoja is the only IB approved online course provider.

What is our relationship with the IB?

Pamoja has a longstanding relationship with the IB that spans 15 years. Pamoja was established to support the IB’s mission to provide greater access to IB education through online learning. Pamoja has provided support to over 20,000 students.

What are our accreditations?
Pamoja is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and is also the only IB approved online course provider.
How is the Pamoja Self Taught learning experience structured and delivered?

The SSST Literature A (SL) experience is designed to be led by the individual student; the ILLTC consultant is there to facilitate the SSST student by providing on average 1 hour per week engagement, normally up to about 65 hours over the two year DP. (The school must additionally provide time in the student’s timetable for individual study in a suitable location in the school.) This engagement normally occurs through a weekly video call, but also via email correspondence when the consultant may read and offer feedback on written work. This is normally done on a one to one basis, though occasionally small group teaching may occur if there is more than one student from the school, and provided the consultant, the students and the school agree.

As a parent, how do I sign up my child?
Parents interested in enrolling their child can start the process by contacting admissions@pamojaeducation.com.
Can a student switch from the standard to the intensive option part way through the year? If so, how would they be charged?
Yes this is possible although this may incur additional costs.
How will mock exams and orals be handled? Will they be organised and facilitated by the ILLTC tutors?
The ILLTC Consultants are not responsible for the exams and orals, as they are for all of their Language A students. The ILLTC Consultants will help students prepare for these, but all liaison with the IB is the responsibility of the school (IB Coordinator or SSST Coordinator or whomever the school designates). The school determines the dates of the orals and has the contact with the IB, overseeing the programme and must be prepared to help monitor SSST student progress. Our Consultants merely facilitate the SSST student’s learning.


As a school how do I register my student(s)?

To enrol your students, please get in touch with admissions@pamojaeducation.com.

Will additional resources need to be purchased by the school/student?
For SSST Literature A, students are required to read nine texts. The choice of texts should be a collaboration between the student and the Consultant, who will ensure that the selection meets IB criteria and is suitable. The text list must also be discussed with the school. While many resources are available as Open Source online books and texts, there might be cases where purchases are necessary, and the responsibility for these purchases lies with either the student or the school.
When can we access this service?

This service will be accessible starting from September 2023.

Is it possible to register a student for Year 1 or Year 2 only?
Yes, it is possible. For example, if a school and student anticipate that the IB1 student will transfer to another school for IB2 and will require that specific language, or if an IB2 student joins the school having already studied Language A and the receiving school doesn’t offer that language.
How do you ensure safeguarding with live lessons?

The majority of our Consultants are currently teaching in accredited international IB schools, where the necessary safeguarding certifications and checks are maintained. In cases where a Consultant is not presently teaching in such a school, placements are evaluated on an individual basis to ensure that relevant checks are conducted to uphold student safety.


Are there any technical requirements?

Lessons are conducted through video calls using a platform agreed upon by both parties (the choice of platform may be influenced by the locations of the students). Common examples include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, or WeChat.

What is the operating system?

Students, in liaison with their school, are expected to keep a Learner Portfolio but that is organised by them and their school. This information is owned by the student and school. We run the lessons on whatever platform the Consultant and student prefer.


How will payments work?
Instructions for payment will be detailed on the invoice.
When will the school receive their invoice?
Invoices will be dispatched directly to the school contact.
Can parents pay directly?
Certainly. Schools have the option to share the invoice, including payment instructions, with parents for direct payment.

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