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Admissions Process

If you are interested in signing up for Pamoja Online Courses, here is what you need to know about our admissions process.


Pamoja Online Courses are open to Cambridge IGCSE, IB Diploma, IB Career-related Programme and Cambridge International AS and A Level students. All students need to be registered at an IB World School or a Cambridge International School to be eligible to study with us.

We support students throughout their journey. Students are welcome to join the course at the start of their first year. We also accommodate requests for late registrations, subject or level changes. Students moving schools halfway through their programme can also transfer into one of our online classes at the start of their second year. Please refer to the relevant Pamoja Admissions Timeline and Fees Guide for full details. All Pamoja Online Course requests will be approved by the School’s Site-based Coordinator.

The role of the Site-based Coordinator

We aim to provide students with a rewarding learning experience, ensuring they’re engaged within our global student community and reaching out to their Pamoja teachers as needed. We have everything in place within our platform and academic processes to do so online, but a campus-based point of contact is essential too.

Your school will designate a member of staff to be our first point of contact, known as the Site-based Coordinator (SBC). They play an essential part in liaising with our team and providing students with direct face-to-face support throughout their Pamoja Online Course journey.

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The Site-based Coordinator primarily facilitates communication between our team, and—when necessary—the student’s parents or guardians. SBCs have access to reports on student attendance, engagement and fulfilment of responsibilities.

The SBC:

  • Monitors students’ progress through their Pamoja Online Course and takes appropriate action where necessary.
  • Regularly catches up with their Pamoja students and ensures ongoing communication between students, our teachers and our School Services Team. If any issue or unexpected situation arises concerning a student, all parties must be informed.
  • Encourages students to take ownership of their learning by supervising rather than tutoring, providing support in the creation of a term time planner to promote effective time management.
  • Sets time aside with each student to evaluate their individualised study method, and suggests improvements where appropriate.

Key tasks include:

  • Monitoring students’ progress in their orientation course, ensuring that they acquire the information needed to fully prepare them for their course.
  • Scheduling supervised time in the students’ weekly timetable to work on their Pamoja Online Course and complete the assigned tasks for the week.
  • Scheduling regular meetings with their students depending on their progress in the course.
  • Working with their students to develop a self-management approach that works for them.
  • Keeping track of the Pamoja Academic Calendar that students follow.
  • Overseeing students during trial exams.
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Registration Deadlines

Contact our admissions team at [email protected] for further details on late registration and transfers.

Pamoja Online Courses starting in September 2021(for May or June exam sessions)
Registration and student orientation opens 3 March 2021
Courses start

8 September 2021

Registration deadline and Y1 drop date *

5 October 2021


Pamoja Online Courses starting in February 2022 (for November exam sessions)
Registration and student orientation opens November 2021
Courses start 9 February 2022
Registration deadline and Y1 drop date* 8 March 2022


*An additional minimum fee of $420 is applicable to schools registering new Pamoja Online Courses students after the registration deadline.

Registration Process

Pamoja Online Courses for the IB Diploma
Schools now have access to streamlined Online Course Registrations within the ManageBac Plan worksheet. Course requests can be submitted and managed in one place. Click here for more information.

Pamoja Online Courses for Cambridge IGCSE and International AS & A Level

  • 01

    customer serviceContact us before the registration deadline for your exam session to set up an account for your Cambridge International School.

  • 02

    loginRegister your students on OpenApply.

  • 03

    clipboardSubmit course requests for your students to be reviewed by our Admissions Team.

  • 04

    online learningEnsure students complete their orientation course before the start date, or as soon as possible if a student is enrolled later in the year.

  • 05

    desktop computerStudents will be enrolled into their requested courses from the course start date.

  • 06

    graduateComplete the SBC Orientation course upon receiving login credentials.

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