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Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations HL

Mathematics HL Applications and Interpretation is a course designed for students who wish to gain an in-depth knowledge of mathematics, but with an emphasis on the applied nature of the subject. It will appeal to students who enjoy the practical application of mathematics to real life situations. This course is suitable for students who may go on to further study in subjects that utilise mathematics in this way such as biology, the human sciences and business.

19 Units 191 Lessons 2 Years

What is different in taking Mathematics HL Applications and Interpretation online?

Students will have the opportunity to:

  • access a structured learning environment that provides flexibility and support in equal measure
  • develop their organisational skills
  • study alongside students from around the world
  • gain experience of using the latest online learning tools

Some things won’t be different though. Standards and expectations will be just as high as in a face to face classroom.

Topics covered through the course

The five areas below are covered during the HL courses. There is a core set of topics for each area. In addition some of these core topics are considered in more depth and there are also a series of extra topics.

  • Number and Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus

The course contains investigative and inquiry-based learning, supporting students in their internally assessed exploration task.

There is some content that is common with Mathematics HL Analysis and Approaches course but the Mathematics HL Applications and Interpretation has a stronger emphasis on modelling and on using probability and statistics in practical scenarios.

Activities and assessment

Teacher and students have regular weekly opportunities to assess progress and attainment. Some activities assess student achievement against formal criteria, such as such as worksheets, problem sets or quizzes. Learning is also supported with discussion forums, email, and regular live lessons in the online classroom.

 Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed, it is recommended students set aside seven to ten hours a week.

A Graphical Display calculator is required for this course. Pamoja recommends the following two calculators:
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE
Texas Instruments TI-Nspire (a non CAS version)

Benefits to students

Taking Mathematics HL Applications and Interpretation online will enable students to:

  • be supported by highly experienced IB teachers
  • develop independence in learning and time-management
  • develop their ability to work in a connected world
  • become experienced in a wide range of online learning tools
  • better cope with online learning demands in higher education

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Schedule a Demo

Pilot the Pamoja Online Course for up to four weeks from the day the course commences.


Haese Mathematics eTextbook This course is dependent on student etextbooks provided by Haese Mathematics and hosted on the Haese Mathematics Snowflake platform. Please ensure you check the Haese Mathematics Snowflake Learning guidance to ensure your systems are able to access this service. This service is provided as part of the Pamoja course fee.
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