Based on feedback from students and SBCs, we have made some important refinements to the Pamoja Online Course experience within ManageBac.

Here is a summary of the key improvements for Pamoja Diploma Programme students:

Student Orientation and Tutorials

Student Orientation and Code of Conduct are mandatory tutorials that should be completed on first log-in. It can be found by going to the ‘waffle’ menu close to your profile picture on the top right-hand side of the screen. If you have not completed the Student Orientation and Code of Conduct, please ensure you do so soon.

There are also a number of In-App tutorials that will help guide you through the system. These are especially useful if you are a student new to ManageBac.

Dashboard > Weekly Planner

Released W2 October

On your student dashboard, the ‘Upcoming’ section has now been shortened to show only the next 5 assessment Tasks, Deadlines and Live Lessons.

Under this, you will find your new ‘Weekly Planner’, which defaults to the current week’s Lessons. You can review your progress through this week’s Lesson or launch your Lessons by clicking on the ‘Launch Study Mode’ button on the week’s lesson panel.

weekly planner@2x 1

The Weekly Planner view has been set as the default view. However, you can toggle between the list view or jump to previous and future Lessons.

Study Mode

Released W3-W4 October

Simplifying navigation and reducing clicks has been our top priority for you, so you can launch your Lessons in Study Mode with one click, or you can click on any Stream & Resources item to launch a lesson.

study mode@2x 1

This update gives a minimal look and feel for Lesson > Resources with improved minimisation and clickability. You can easily record your personal study notes or star resources to save for further revision later.

Future Updates

Our next Study Mode update will feature Unit browsing from within, simplifying your Lesson views; you will also be able to join Online Lessons directly.

In November, enhanced 1:1 messaging for student-to-student dialogue in study groups.



ITGS students will now be able to pilot a new wiki solution using Notion, providing a more seamless collaborative experience for their group work.

Student Focus Group

For a step-by-step walkthrough of Pamoja Online Courses on ManageBac and the upcoming improvements and enhancements, feel free to explore our presentation here:

If you would like to join our Student focus group or have an idea for a Pamoja feature, please feel free to contact us at