Intern blog: Time is flying

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | March 20, 2018
Hey, Josh again back for another intern blog post. It’s been a while since my last post (three months) and I’ve been really busy. A lot has changed since my last intern blog and I’ve been moving around the office a lot. My time within the Development team was so...

Intern blog: New year, new work

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | January 29, 2018
Hi, Emilie here again. Three weeks ago, I returned to work after taking a couple weeks off for Christmas and have been working in Finance since. I have been incredibly busy in Finance helping the team with invoicing. We have been working hard to ensure that we have...

Intern blog: Moving around

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | November 21, 2017
Hey, Josh here. It’s been over a month since Emilie’s last blog post and time is flying by – it’s nearly Christmas! Since my last blog post (4 months ago), I’ve been pretty busy moving around the new office. As Emilie explained in her last blog post, we had been...

Intern blog: Long time, no see

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | October 25, 2017
Hello, Emilie here again. It has been a while since we last posted a blog, because it has been such a busy time for Pamoja! It was expected that halfway through August, when schools open again after the summer holidays, business would start picking up. And it did!...

Intern blog: Time flies when you’re having fun

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | August 18, 2017
Hello again, Emilie here! This week is the 7th week at Pamoja for us interns and it has gone so quickly! However, at the same time, it feels like I have worked here for much longer! The list of things I have done and learned is already endless. It has been great...

Intern blog: Moving on up!

Blog, Interns, Teacher posts | August 10, 2017
Hey everyone, James here, back again for this week’s intern blog post. I’m going to be talking about one of the most stressful and inconvenient things which most of us have had to deal with (no, not when the supermarket self-checkout machine decides to stop working),...

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