Hi, Emilie here again.

Three weeks ago, I returned to work after taking a couple weeks off for Christmas and have been working in Finance since. I have been incredibly busy in Finance helping the team with invoicing. We have been working hard to ensure that we have received all invoices from teachers and checked that they are all correct before sending out teacher payments and making the deadline.

We have also been working to solve a very high volume of financial queries from schools. The Finance Administrator, Jess Holloran, and I worked through them systematically and have successfully been able to solve most tickets, although new ones come in all the time! It was hard work, but I am very happy that I was able to help Jess. It was planned that I would only spend two weeks in Finance and then move to Marketing, but due to the high volume of tickets and work to be done I will be in Finance for another two weeks. Although I am really looking forward to my time in Marketing, I am really enjoying my time in Finance.

A couple of weeks ago I organised the Pamoja Buffet. This is a social event where everyone brings a bit of food, so there is a large variety of different foods and then we all have lunch together. It was a large success and I feel everyone enjoyed themselves. We had a lot of food and were even able to have all the food out for a second buffet the next day. I was quite impressed by the amount of veggie “healthy ish” things that people brought in.  I brought in a large chickpea salad and didn’t think it would be very popular as it didn’t turn out as I would have liked, but it did okay. Some of the homemade things were very delicious; we had bruschetta, samosas, healthy cookies, black pudding sausage rolls, all homemade. So, shout out to everyone that made the effort to bring homemade food.

A week on Monday I will be joining the Marketing team and they have made an exciting schedule for me. I will be working on the analysis of social media data in order to contribute to decision making relating to upcoming social campaigns. I will also be taking ownership of elements of product-specific teacher & parent marketing campaigns and perhaps work on some office branding. It is important for me to have an experience in Marketing, as this is a department I haven’t yet had any experience in and it is a popular and important department in businesses. I hope that after having spent time in Marketing I will be able to get a better sense of which direction in business I would like to go in. My course is so broad and I have no clue what area of business I would like to focus on!

Emilie – Pamoja Intern Programme, BA International Business Management Undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University


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