Hey, Josh here. It’s been over a month since Emilie’s last blog post and time is flying by – it’s nearly Christmas!

Since my last blog post (4 months ago), I’ve been pretty busy moving around the new office. As Emilie explained in her last blog post, we had been helping within the School Services and Admissions department. Towards the end of my time with School Services I had been helping with student engagement reporting.

It was really exciting to learn that the Development have been creating a new student engagement tool that will be integrated within Canvas. This tool (attendance tracking) enables the School Services team to monitor when students last logged into their courses more effectively. The tool allows the team to filter specific fields which include when a student last logged in, their courses, school, teacher and SBC; the team can now effectively see who is and isn’t engaged.

Within November I spent one week with the HR department, and this week gave me a broader understanding of how a Human Resources department works. It’s really good to get such a broad overview within the different departments throughout the company to see how they integrate together. I focused mainly upon policies during the week with HR.

Emilie and I moved into the Academic department around three weeks ago and since that time we’ve been involved in a variety of different projects. Our most recent task consisted of reviewing the Pamoja Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and assisting Andrew Flory with reviewing and changing these policies.

As the mornings are becoming colder and the darkness draws in earlier… plus the John Lewis Christmas advert is out, I can only assume that we should start counting down to Christmas, right?

Joshua – Pamoja Intern Programme, BA Business and Marketing Management Undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University


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