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To understand how information is processed, organised and used to make decisions, cognitive psychologists have developed various models and theories.

For example, the Multi-Store Model (MSM) and the Working Memory Model (WMM) depict how information is stored and recalled.

Schema theory aims to understand how this information is organised and the Dual Processing Model explains how information is used to make decisions.

In your SAQ writing about these models and theories, you should illustrate your explanations with relevant research studies.

Glanzer and Cunitz‘s (1966) study of the serial position effect and Sacks’ case study of Clive Wearing support the existence of MSM.

Baddeley and Hitch (1976) conducted dual-task research to illustrate their WMM.

Bartlett (1932) and Tuckey and Brewer (2003) conducted studies to support schema theory.

Mamede et al.’s (2014) investigation of unconscious thought (intuitive and automatic thinking) and conscious thought (rational and controlled) is an excellent study to illustrate your explanation of the dual processing model.

As well as explaining cognitive processing, an essay question would require you to identify the strengths and limitations of these models and theories, and the research that supports them.

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