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Localisation of function is the second topic area of the Biological Approach to understanding behaviour.

You need to understand the theory that behaviour, emotion, and/ or thoughts originate in specific regions of the brain.

Maguire (2000) is relevant to this topic as well as techniques used to study the brain in relation to behaviour.

This is an excellent example of how you can economise on the number of studies you need to learn during the course. Maguire (2000) is highly recommended for any response to an SAQ on this topic.

For an ERQ, you would need to supplement Maguire (2000) with another study, either Draganski et al. (2001) or Tierney et al. (2001). Draganski is recommended as you have already encountered this investigation in your study of brain imaging technology.

Links to original studies:
Maguire (2000)
Draganski et al. (2004)

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