Hi everyone! My name is Anna, I am 16 years old, I’m from Colombia but I live in China! So, I’m studying French ab initio through Pamoja, which I love, but I never really thought I would have to use the skills I have been learning so fast.

As all of you may know, just in time for Chinese New Year’s holidays, CoViD 19 appeared in Wuhan, in the Province of Hubei. Yes, it has not been easy, yes I’ve been stuck at home for a month and a half already, but, yes, basically I have to thank Pamoja.

So, how is it that Pamoja saved my life? Well, it’s pretty simple. Due to the CoViD 19, our “holidays” were extended for one week. After that week, the virus actually got worst, and according to scientists it hadn’t even reached the maximum spread yet. So, school was again postponed.

AnnaAnd then the same happened the week after, and it has been happening like that for a month now. Anyway, life goes on and IB does not stop. School realized that we couldn’t lose so much time, so guess what….. it was decided that classes would continue online!

At first, everyone was kind if happy about it, we got to stay at home! But then, due to the long amount of time at home, and the hundreds of IB work teachers were assigning, some of my classmates started going crazy.

Time management was killing them all, but me. I have been studying French online the whole academic year, and Pamoja allowed me to work in specific skills such as time management, organization, commitment, and responsibility.

I have been asked by my classmates, friends, and even by my teachers, how is it that I can keep up? My answer right away is Pamoja. Actually, I believe they might be worried I won’t want to go back to school!

I am very happy working on my own, organizing my time as I like, I am being able to do more school stuff in less time and be able to do more of my hobbies such as reading and dancing, which is now summarized to stretching and workout because I can’t go to class.

Also, I was able to start Chinese lessons online, so I am very excited. I am being able to complete all my assignments, teachers are very clear with instructions and development of the tasks, though that is thanks to the school.

Learning online through Pamoja has helped me to organize myself, learn how to manage my time according to my tasks, and has taught me to love online learning.

I am really thankful for the opportunity of choosing to study online before having to study online, because now that I have to, I can say that I love it…

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