ManageBac and Pamoja attended the IB Global Conference which took place on 18-21 March in Adelaide. Over 1,000 educators joined from all around the world. As a Global Sponsor of the event, ManageBac would like to thank the IB for hosting yet another successful conference that included inspiring keynote presentations, as well as breakout and training sessions led by thought leaders and educators from around the IB World.

It was wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces at our ManageBac and Pamoja stands – thank you all for stopping by.

Conference Highlights from Kathryn Munt, Content Director at Faria Education Group

I valued the updates relating to the MYP and DP programme developments, and the IB Exchange. The sessions gave very clear summaries of the research that has been carried out with IB schools and educators, and how the findings inform the curricula, assessments and PD, for the near and long terms.

Key points from MYP were making the ATLs more accessible so schools can prioritise them based on the needs of their students, focusing less on grades and more on descriptions of learning and behaviours, and moving from Service as Action to Community Engagement.

For the DP, the IB aims to adopt a ‘’less is more’’ approach, which includes ensuring student workload remains manageable and balanced, and reducing duplication and over-assessment of particular skills. DP Assessment is embracing alternatives to the current course assessment model in order to articulate a compelling educational vision for transitioning to digital assessment. The goal across all the programmes is Teaching for Conceptual Understanding.

The IB PD team is focused on making PD more accessible. Teachers can gain micro-credentials from different activities, which contribute to their personal teaching journey. This expands PD well beyond the current three-day workshops.

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On Sunday, we had the pleasure of hosting an Expo Session about ManageBac, Pamoja and, more broadly, Faria Education Group – our parent company. We presented the latest additions and improvements to ManageBac:

  • Our all-new Multi-Curricula Reports
  • The Exam Question Bank that powers our Study & Revision and Online Assessment environments
  • The complete sets of Pamoja and IB exams with solutions that blend practise and guidance.

These last two are integral dimensions of Passport, the bundle that conveniently links essential teaching, learning learning and assessment tools.

We also provided an overview of our IB-approved Pamoja Online Courses which give schools the opportunity to broaden their subject offering, helping students to pursue their interests and passion. Built on robust academic principles that are evidenced in accurate grade predictions and candidates achieving marks in the top bands, Pamoja Online Courses deliver a blended learning experience that prepares students for real life.

Kathryn Munt and Ryan Bulosan introduced our Community Initiative. They spoke about the ManageBac certification programmes that chart a clear professional development path for ManageBac educators and administrators. They also explained how community members are shaping our learning space and are leading the development of all-new study and revision resources for the upcoming 2023 DP Sciences.

Connecting with our Community

We hosted a fabulous happy hour for our community who attended the IB Global Conference. It was well attended by our most loyal users and partners in the industry. It was held at the Merrymaker Bar. Mackenzie Murray, Senior Vice President gave a toast to mark the occasion. Lovely refreshments, beautiful sunset view and light-hearted conversations — it was definitely an event to remember, bringing our community closer together.

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