It’s International Women’s Day, and we decided to take the opportunity to ask the talented women of Pamoja some important questions.

As a woman, what is your experience of working at Pamoja? 

Very positive; the company empowers women to have the same level of roles as men. We have a strong set of female managers here which I think is a testament to the company. General statistics  suggest that there are far more men in leadership positions than women, which isn’t the case here. Rebecca Cousins, Talent Manager

What has your experience been of working at Pamoja in a team that’s predominantly male, and in a role that’s predominantly male?  

Not only am I am the only woman in my team, but I am considerably younger than my fellow senior Academics. To me, this demonstrates that my skill set is recognised and my experiences are valued for their worth, not simply how long I had been in a previous role. Hannah Senel-Walp, Global Vice Principal

Do you feel that you have had to make any sacrifices in your family life to advance your career?  

Yes, I think you will always have to make some sacrifices in terms of family (in my case I would love to spend more time with my daughter!), however when I joined Pamoja I was actively encouraged to consider working four days instead of five as I was a young mother which I took up. I am so pleased as I feel I have a really nice balance of working whilst being able to further my career.  I do enough days in the office but not so much that I am missing out on my daughter too much! Rebecca Cousins, Talent Manager

What advice would you give to young girls interested in STEM? 

Go for it. Find out what gets you curious – and find out what STEM can offer. There’s lots of variety out there. STEM are no longer “traditionally male” and many girls are well suited to either the pure subjects or (more usually perhaps) the applications of those subjects. Science and technology require that magic blend of minds that can think outside the box and yet be precise, methodical and ordered. Girls are great at that! Meg Blacker, Content Production Manager

What’s the one thing you’d like to say to your younger self?

Keep learning. It’s hard to decide what to do with your life and it’s definitely okay to change your mind! Developing knowledge and skills not only keeps life interesting, but also opens more doors and therefore provides more opportunities to seize. Emeline Tissot, Head of Marketing

“At Pamoja we value everyone in the organisation as an individual. With 23 males and 28 females the topic of gender never arises.  Everyone has a voice, all opinions are welcomed and they are able to participate and achieve their potential.  We do not fail, we simply learn together.”  Sandie Black, Director of HR.


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