The IA has undergone important changes in the new IB Psychology course especially in the format of your report. In this post, we will provide some advice about the first two section and also a PowerPoint that takes you through each element of these two sections.

Introduction (6 marks)

  • Include the aim and a discussion of the theories on which your investigation is based. Identify the IV and DV and the research and null hypotheses of your study.
  • Tips:
    • Explain the relevance of the aim, in other words what was your reason for carrying out the experiment? Why is this investigation relevant?
    • Identify the link between the theory and your investigation.
    • Operationalise the IV and the DV.

Draft Exploration (4 marks)

  • Include a description of the research design, the sampling technique, the relevant characteristics of the participants, the variables you controlled, and the material you used.
  • Tips:
    • You must identify AND explain each of the above. For example: What is an independent measures design and why did you use it?  What is opportunity sampling and why did you use it? What was your target population? What were the possible confounding variables and how did your procedures control for them? Why did you use the materials that you used in the study?
    • Show how your study was ethical by indicating when the participants signed the informed consent form and how you debriefed them. Provide copies of these forms in your appendices and make references to those documents in the main body of your report.

Download PowerPoint here: Writing the IA Report- Introduction and Exploration


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