As part of our commitment to supporting teachers around the world, we have curated a Blended and Flipped Learning professional development guide, free of charge to all educators. 

Drawing from over a decade of training delivery and continuous teacher standards refinement, our Pamoja Professional Development team has developed a free, self paced 4 module guide on flipped and blended learning, which in today’s world of online education has strong relevance and this is available to all educators to support schools in their response to the Global Pandemic.

The guide consists of 4 modules + 1 bonus module, each exploring a different aspect of blended and online learning. 

Module 1 looks at the history of blended and online learning, its benefits with regard to student-centered learning, and the importance of addressing social and emotional learning in the online or blending learning environment.

Module 2 takes a deeper dive into the roles and responsibilities of students, parents, teachers and school leadership as a school transitions to a blended or online learning module. It also provides guidance on choosing the right technology and tools for communication, assessment, feedback and collaboration.

In Module 3, you will focus on how to plan, execute and evaluate online lessons, from preparing the learning environment and selecting resources, to consideration of copyright and communication of expectations to students.

Module 4 looks at safeguarding in a blended or online learning context, and how the transition to online learning might impact school policies and processes around child protection and data protection.

Bonus Module 5, will examine the role of blended and flipped learning as it relates to ManageBac and Pamoja Lesson Suite.

The possibilities of blended and online learning are endless, and we hope this introductory guide will support teachers embarking on this journey, and set the groundwork for a revolution in education where opportunities for learning extend beyond the brick-and-mortar classroom. 

For those looking to roll up their sleeves and collaborate with others we are also offering a 3 part professional learning series on blended learning. We look forward to supporting educators as they continue to meet the needs of their students no matter how learning occurs!