August at Pamoja is a busy time of year. Whilst our May session students and teachers enjoy a break and some time away from our courses, our November classes roll on and planning begins for the upcoming academic year. Like all M2023 students around the world, we have also spent the last few months eagerly anticipating the release of IB results.

M2023 Results at a Glance v3 1

Academic Excellence

We are delighted to share that 1,685 Pamoja students across 20 different IB courses sat exams this May session. Over a third of our students achieved an IB6 or IB7 grade. Nearly 85% of our students received a passing grade, which is higher than the IB global average pass rate. The average grade our students obtained was 4.92, again higher than the IB global average grade.

As the world’s largest (non-selective) IB school, Pamoja welcomes all students. To outperform the IB average for the third consecutive year is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students and teachers alike. Taking courses online can feel overwhelming at first, however our excellent results show that distance learning is no barrier to academic success, on the contrary.

Meet Some of Our Alumni

Savvy and Attentive Teachers

Predicted Grades generated by subject teachers are an integral part of the DP examination process. Accurate predictions depend on teachers having an in-depth understanding of both the course and their students’ attainment. At Pamoja, we are proud of how well our teachers understand our students and of their ability to build true rapport in a full online context. Despite the mostly asynchronous nature of online classes, our teachers are clued into the needs of each student and provide individualised feedback on assignments to guide learning and improvement. This year our Predicted Grades were within 0.06 of our IB average grade, once again demonstrating the skill and experience of our teaching community.

A Wider Choice of DP Subjects

Pamoja Online Courses enable students to study subjects that they are deeply interested in, even when the school may not offer them as in-person courses. Our 22+ online courses can enrich and augment your Diploma Programme by catering for the needs of individual students, including those who transfer in. If your school is interested in finding out how Pamoja Online Courses can help expand your DP subject offerings, please get in touch.