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We recognise that success beyond school depends on more than just academics. With a combination of live lessons, one-to-one tutorials and collaborative projects, our students have opportunities to develop their personal and social skills as they prepare to transition into early adulthood.

Academic Overview

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Welcome to Pamoja Global Online Learning

At Pamoja, we have spent over 10 years developing a global community of learners, expanding the curriculum of schools around the world, providing student choice and increased opportunities for personalised learning.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have offered stability and continuity to our students using established pedagogical tools. With Pamoja Online Courses, students engage with their learning, anytime, anywhere in the world, with support from expert teachers adept in using remote learning technology to drive learning.

With Pamoja Lesson Suite, you can bring our tailor made online learning resources into your classroom, providing a framework for flexible learning. Whether you use our Pamoja Lesson Suite as a guide on the side, or as the backbone to your curriculum, we equip teachers to bring out the best in every learner.

We recognise that success beyond school depends on more than just academics. With a combination of live lessons, one-to-one tutorials and collaborative projects, our students have opportunities to develop their personal and social skills as they prepare to transition into early adulthood.

Self-paced and Inquiry-based

We support personalised learning by giving students control over the duration, place and path of their learning.

Student-centred and collaborative

We cultivate the development of social and communication skills through activities that challenge students to think critically, collaboratively and creatively.

Differentiated and informed by assessment

We provide teachers with the tools to engage in adaptive and individualised planning, maintaining balance between guiding the flow of learning and giving students the opportunity to self-direct.

Pamoja is dedicated to broadening learning opportunities for students around the world. Join our global learning community today!

Academic Overview

We encourage learning beyond the classroom

    We believe that students should be placed at the heart of the learning process, and that teachers should join them there. We provide schools, teachers and students around the world with progressive, flexible solutions that support the implementation of blended learning methodologies.
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How do we do it?

  • Give students space and control over time, place and path of learning
  • Elevate the role of the teacher, allowing them to maintain the balance between guiding the flow of learning, and giving students the opportunity to self-direct
  • Utilise technology in the classroom for lower-order activities, to free up teacher time for personalised student support and progress monitoring

Why do we do it?

  • To provide students with a personalised learning experience, so that they can fulfil their potential
  • To establish classrooms that are engaging, intellectually inquisitive environments that unlock students’ creativity and curiosity
  • To develop students who have the confidence to ask questions rather than recite answers

We take full responsibility for teaching

The role of a Pamoja Teacher is first and foremost to facilitate learning – not direct it. We are committed to doing more than supporting students in achieving good examination results. We are dedicated to developing students’ capacity as independent and collaborative learners.
In order to achieve this goal, Pamoja teachers give students room to learn – and let go of some traditional face-to-face, teacher-directed student management strategies.

Pamoja’s platform, systems and personnel are dedicated to closely monitoring student progress and intervene when and where appropriate. Our teachers are trained in skilful student management which reinforces the student’s responsibility for learning without neglecting them, and develops their independence from teacher-directed learning. Teachers support learning in the spirit of recognised education thought leaders such as Michael Fullan and John Hattie.

Our teachers are supported by:

  • Subject specialist Course Advisors
  • Academic Team for administrative oversight
  • Community and Professional Development Team

Our teachers know their students well

0.2 was the average difference between IB Diploma students’ predicted and actual grades in 2018.

We have over 100 Pamoja teachers who:

  • Experienced in teaching the IB Diploma
  • Know their students
  • Based in over 35 countries
  • Trained in Online Learning methodologies

Key Student Benefits

Pursuing a Passion

With a wide range of subject choice options, students can choose Pamoja online courses for the subjects that they are most passionate and interested in-without limits, the way it should be.

Integrated Technology Systems

Delivered through ManageBac and Faria to provide a state-of-the-art online learning experience.

Personalised Learning, Anytime & Anywhere

Pamoja students can learn at their own pace and on their own terms. Students explore their subject of choice with an innovative curriculum designed for the modern global international student.

Accessible & Affordable

Students can enrol through their school’s IB Coordinator, or apply to become an IB student through one of our Partner Schools (see below).

Learning without Borders

Pamoja students join a community of over 4,700 IB Diploma students in 107 countries, building essential collaboration skills and learning to work online across time-zones & cultures.

Key Associations

Personalised Online Learning

Anytime & Anywhere

With Pamoja online courses, you can learn at your own pace and on your own terms. Explore your subject of choice with an innovative curriculum designed for the modern global IB student.


With the ability to go ‘fast or slow’ through the course materials.


Night or Day students can access Pamoja online courses on their schedule.

Any Place

From school or home, students can work on their Pamoja online courses.

Subject Choice

Pursue your Passion & Interest

With over 30+ IB Diploma subjects to choose from, as an IB Global Online student you can pick the subjects that you are most passionate about, browse our Online Course catalog to discover your subject of interest:

Extended Essay

Theory of Knowledge

English A Language and Literature HL

Psychology SL

French ab initio

Mandarin ab initio

Spanish ab initio

Film SL

Business Management HL

Economics SL

Philosophy SL

Mathematics HL

Global Classroom

Prepare for the new COVID-19 world

Pamoja’s Global Classroom has the world’s most diverse student body representing over 140 nationalities in 107 countries.

As an IB student entering the new COVID-19 world, Pamoja Online Courses are designed unlike any other course to build essential online communication & collaboration skills with your global student peers. Rise & challenge the new world.

Through each Pamoja Online Course, you will hone and develop your Approaches to Learning across:

Self-management and organisation

Learn to manage your time and tasks effectively, set your own goals and engage successfully in a flexible remote learning environment.

Communication and social skills

Join our global community of learners to experience the benefits of collaborative learning, with opportunities to develop your listening, negotiation, problem solving and decision making skills and more!

Resilience and self-motivation

Put an end to procrastination and develop your drive to succeed by engaging productively with challenging, inspiring learning activities.


Work collaboratively with your teachers to reflect and build on your learning experiences, using their feedback to highlight your strengths and zone in on target areas for development.

Thinking and research skills

Delve deeper into your interests and passions using our inquiry-based approach that allows you to determine your own learning pathway.

Provide a 24-hour support network to support you towards your full potential.

Systems & Technology

Powering your IB Experience

Seamless ManageBac Integration

Pamoja Online courses are available for one-click registration via the IB Diploma Plans worksheet on ManageBac. Access Pamoja classes directly from within the ManageBac student account with single sign-on.

Presentation & Study Mode over

Supporting both live online lessons over Zoom as well as self-paced blended learning, Students can browse through their Lessons with Stream & Resources, while bookmarking topics of difficulty, taking notes side-by-side, and asking teacher questions in one integrated Remote Learning interface.


Chat with your students and teachers directly within the Presentation Mode, form study groups and more! KeyChat provides social & emotional learning with instant feedback and emojis.

Online Collaboration with built-in Google Docs

Work on Google Docs directly together with your project partners. Keeping everything in one place.

Online Assessments & Exams with AssessPrep

Practice formative online assessments and take in-class exams online.

Integrated Portfolios for Internal Assessment

All submitted coursework is automatically saved into student’s ManageBac portfolio.

Organisation: Everything in its right place

Students can browse their upcoming next 2 weeks calendar from their Dashboard with Pamoja Online Course calendar fully integrated.

Projected-Based Learning

With Project worksheets for each Subject, students can keep their Journal and Online collaborations documents in one-place.

Vantage Reader

Powerful document editing and annotation capabilities for Microsoft Office and Image formats.

Access & Affordability

Supporting the IB’s Access goals, we are committed to ensuring that Pamoja Online Courses are affordable to all students, regardless of socio-economic background.

Please fill in your contact details below. Our team will be in touch via email to arrange an online demonstration, or to answer any questions you may have.