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Closing the skills gap with collaborative learning

Blog, Educator Insights | June 2, 2017
Why are employers reporting a skills gap between the abilities of the recently educated and the needs of their business?  This shortfall undoubtedly has a negative effect on our progression toward a brighter future. Whilst the question cannot be answered in any simple...

Could AI replace teachers?

Blog, Educator Insights | May 4, 2017
As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to propel us into the long-imagined “future” of flying cars and virtual reality, its multi-industry uses become more apparent and even more ground-breaking. It can easily be reasoned that it won’t be long until AI is quite...

Are we doing enough to develop global citizens?

Blog, Educator Insights | May 3, 2017
In a world confronted by multi-faceted and ever-changing problems, it is no longer enough to simply be a global citizen. Anyway, aren’t we all? As residents of this planet we are entitled to say we are, and yet the term is perceived as something to aspire to; a...