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Webinar: Solutions to Group 2 curriculum changes

22nd January 2019, 12:00 PM GMT

Pamoja Taught at a glance

Global collaboration

Students use our online platform to access content at any time, and interact with Pamoja teachers and other students from around the world via live lessons, messaging, discussion forums and journals.

Teacher supported

Student engagement, activities and submission of assignments are tracked by Pamoja teachers to provide support at the point it is needed.

Progress monitoring

Schools designate a member of staff to be our first point of contact and to keep track of student progress.

Dedicated support

Students benefit from one-to-one contact with experienced IB teachers who are trained in digital learning strategies. A Site-based Coordinator at the students’ school regularly monitors student progress and provides additional face-to-face support.

This video will guide you through how a Site-based Coordinator (SBC) will use the Pamoja Taught learning platform on a day-to-day basis. You will discover how SBCs, alongside our School Services Team, utilise our online resources and tools to support IB Diploma Programme students’ learning throughout their two-year courses.

Key benefits for schools

  • Broaden Diploma or Career-related Programme subject offering
  • Ease challenges presented by teacher shortages
  • Build flexibility in timetables by offering online courses alongside face-to-face options

Key benefits for students

  • Choose from wider range of subjects
  • Study with classmates around the world
  • Gain practical experience of collaborative tools and digital technologies
  • Fit online courses around your other commitments

Did you know?

We can also provide Extended Essay supervision for students who are already studying with us.

Updated admissions process

Follow our steps to enrol your students and find out more about tuition fees

Preparing students for university

Research shows that online learning prior to university helps students develop preferences and competencies relevant to university study. Pamoja students gain experience in a range of online learning tools that they will be using as part of their university learning, and become independent learners.

Once at university, Pamoja students are less likely than other students to:

  • rely on print resources and more likely to research online
  • need to turn to their university instructors for help

Student outcomes


of Pamoja students achieved a grade 5 or above (2014 - 2018)


of research participants said they had gained experience in a range of online learning tools that they now use at university

Request a demo

Our team is available to show you how our courses work from a student’s or a school’s perspective. Please submit your request to arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

What do our students think?

The skills that I’ve gained in the last year are definitely lifelong, and learning with Pamoja really does help with university. I was speaking to other students who took a Pamoja course the year before me and they said it had been amazing for their university applications as well as in gaining experience of that learning style.
Chloe – former Mandarin ab initio student at Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Stockholm
Being a small school in a small country makes it challenging to expand our IB Diploma Programme in order to meet the individual interests and needs of all of our students. By offering Pamoja online courses we have been able to expand our IB DP course offerings without risking the sustainability of our program. The courses are run professionally and Pamoja has been an amazing partner in meeting the learning needs of our students. Communication is open and transparent and the quality of course delivery is extremely high. Our students have enjoyed great success in their exams in their Pamoja online courses.
Kristina Sprljan – IB Coordinator at American International School of Zagreb
I recently completed my university applications and the experience of learning online gave me a huge advantage; both in terms of skill set and the format itself. It was the one thing that I wrote about for every application because it made me stand out. It definitely helped me to get in to most of the universities I applied for and it’s also been a fantastic experience all round.
Raghav – student at GEMS Wellington Academy, Silicon Oasis

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