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Our courses are currently open to Cambridge International Schools and IB World Schools.
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We provide a broad selection of courses for the Cambridge IGCSE, Cambridge International AS and A Level,  IB Diploma and Career-related programmes. Each online course is two years long, covers the same course content and prepares students for the same assessments as a traditional face-to-face courses.

Pamoja Taught courses

  • Are taught online by our experienced teachers trained in digital learning strategies
  • Feature practice examinations to prepare students for external exams
  • Require approximately the same amount of study time as face-to-face courses

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School Taught courses

  • Provide teachers with online course content that’s broken down into lessons
  • Include assessment materials
  • Enable teachers to monitor student activity

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Our team is available to show you how our courses work from a student’s or a school’s perspective. Please submit your request to arrange a suitable date and time for your demo.

Being a small school in a small country makes it challenging to expand our IB Diploma Programme in order to meet the individual interests and needs of all of our students. By offering Pamoja online courses we have been able to expand our IB DP course offerings without risking the sustainability of our program. The courses are run professionally and Pamoja has been an amazing partner in meeting the learning needs of our students. Communication is open and transparent and the quality of course delivery is extremely high. Our students have enjoyed great success in their exams in their Pamoja online courses.
Kristina Sprljan – IB Coordinator at American International School of Zagreb
We are a small school (but growing!), and at this time we do not have enough teachers to be able to provide enough choices for all of our Diploma Programme students. To satisfy the sixth course requirement, we offer IB Design Tech in our school, but for our students who are not interested in engineering we need other choices. Pamoja offers a nice variety of choices that excite our students, notably Business Management, Economics, and Psychology. We would not be able to offer the IB DP if it weren’t for Pamoja.
Debbie Fees – IB DP Co-Coordinator at Sussex Academy in Georgetown, Delaware, USA


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