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Cambridge International
AS and A Level

We have been approved to start teaching courses online from September 2019.

Benefit from our online learning expertise

We are a registered school of Cambridge Assessment International Education, the only exam board wholly owned by a world-leading university, the University of Cambridge. We look forward to supporting Cambridge International Schools worldwide in broadening their subject offering through our range of Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International AS and A Level courses.

Learning beyond the classroom

All Pamoja Taught courses are taught online by our experienced teachers trained in online learning methodologies. We aim to utilise technology to create learning opportunities. We’ve asked our CEO, John Ingram, and our Principal of Online Courses, Hannah Senel-Walp to share their vision.

How does it work?

Students use our online platform to access content at any time and interact with Pamoja teachers. Student engagement and activities are tracked by Pamoja teachers to provide support at the point it is needed. Schools designate a member of staff to be a face-to-face point of contact and keep track of student progress.

Benefits for schools

  • Ease challenges presented by teacher shortages
  • Broaden your subject offering
  • Build flexibility in timetables by offering online courses alongside face to face options

Benefits for students

  • Choose from a wider range of subjects
  • Gain practical experience of digital technologies
  • Fit online courses around other commitments

Save your Business teacher some time

If your school doesn’t need a Pamoja teacher, our course will also be available as a resource for teachers. Let them flip their classroom with ease! We’ll provide structured content, assessment materials and student activity monitoring tools.

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