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How are we preparing students for the age of robotics?

I was recently invited to be a virtual panellist for the Dubai International Academy’s TedEd event, discussing digital learning and technology. This was an event organised by IB Diploma students who prepared and delivered TedEd talks exploring the relationship between technology and education. Questions for the panel demonstrated a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and robotics and the impact this will have on today’s students, otherwise known as tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders and workforce.

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Flexible learning: Gaining skills for university and beyond

My name is Emily, and I’m originally from upstate New York, but I attended middle and high school in Yokohama, Japan. I studied at ... Read more

How are we preparing students for the age of robotics?

I was recently invited to be a virtual panellist for the Dubai International Academy’s TedEd event, discussing digital learning ... Read more

Intern blog: Demon databases and scary SQL – starting to learn backend development

Hi everyone, it’s James here writing my final solo internship blog – how has time flown by so fast?? It’s strange to think that our ... Read more

Top 5 tips for surviving (and thriving) in exam season

A lot of people leave studying for their exams to the last minute, myself included. I have yet to meet anyone that would want to sit ... Read more

Being successful in an online class

My name is Lauryn, I am a senior in high school and I currently take Mandarin ab initio with Pamoja. Mandarin is the third class ... Read more

Applying for university as a Pamoja student

It is that time of year, when many final year IB students have applied to universities or other higher education institutions and are ... Read more

Intern blog: Time is flying

Hey, Josh again back for another intern blog post. It’s been a while since my last post (three months) and I’ve been really busy. A lot Read more

International Women’s Day 2018

It’s International Women’s Day, and we decided to take the opportunity to ask the talented women of Pamoja some important questions. As Read more

Increasing opportunities for learners at Sussex Academy

My name is Debbie Fees, and alongside my colleague Jen Leonard, I am the DP Co-Coordinator and Site-based Coordinator at Sussex Academy Read more

Intern blog: New year, new work

Hi, Emilie here again. Three weeks ago, I returned to work after taking a couple weeks off for Christmas and have been working in ... Read more

Motivating students as the year draws to a close

Whether you’re at the end of a calendar year or an academic year, it can be difficult maintain the energy to motivate students ... Read more

Studying Mathematics HL with a global perspective

My name is Karenna and I am a junior at Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School in Rochester, New York. I take the IB Mathematics HL course Read more

Pamoja Taught courses at Lincoln Community School

My name is Frank, I teach at Lincoln Community School and I work as assistant student support – we help students out with various Read more

Intern blog: Moving around

Hey, Josh here. It’s been over a month since Emilie’s last blog post and time is flying by – it’s nearly Christmas! Since my last Read more

Intern blog: Long time, no see

Hello, Emilie here again. It has been a while since we last posted a blog, because it has been such a busy time for Pamoja! It was ... Read more

World Teachers’ Day 2017

Teachers are fundamental. They inspire the next generation, working hard to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to ... Read more

Student tips: 6 steps to success in a Pamoja online course

The 2017/18 academic year has begun, which means a whole new cohort of IB Diploma students have joined our global community. We asked ... Read more

Intern blog: Time flies when you’re having fun

Hello again, Emilie here! This week is the 7th week at Pamoja for us interns and it has gone so quickly! However, at the same time, it ... Read more

Intern blog: Moving on up!

Hey everyone, James here, back again for this week’s intern blog post. I’m going to be talking about one of the most stressful and ... Read more

Intern blog: The sensational School Services

Hi, it’s Emilie. Over the past two weeks I have been getting very involved in Customer Services. At Pamoja we call this “School ... Read more

Intern blog: Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Hey everyone, James here, and I’m going to talk you through my first week in Tech Support here at Pamoja! There’s a chance that the ... Read more

Intern blog: Eat, sleep, orientation, repeat.

Welcome to the new Pamoja interns’ blog! We are Josh, Emilie and James, the new 2017 interns at Pamoja. Follow our journey as we give ... Read more

My transfer experience: dedicated teachers and a global community

My name is Chloe and I am a Pamoja IB DP transfer student. At the beginning of my IB journey I had just moved from China to Sweden, and Read more

Individualised learning requires flexibility

Ensuring that all students fulfil their potential, acquire essential life skills, and achieve the best possible academic outcomes ... Read more

Confidence, independence and global friendships: my Pamoja experience

I started studying my Diploma Programme with Pamoja two years ago. At that time, I was not a confident student; I used to hesitate to ... Read more

My Pamoja Scholarship helped me get into university

My name is Raghav, and I’m coming to the end of a two-year scholarship with Pamoja. I study the International Baccalaureate Diploma ... Read more

How Minerva changed my view of “university”

The words “seven cities, four years” played on repeat in my head as I went to Ascent, Minerva’s admitted students weekend in San ... Read more

Do you know about the amazing world of instructional design?

Behind awesome online education courses are equally awesome instructional designers. Instructional designers have a myriad of technical Read more

Working together to create a support network

Working amongst a team of diverse and innovative IB teachers, course designers, developers and Pamoja’s in-house support network is a ... Read more

We’re educators, too!

I have a surprising confession to make…I’m a qualified teacher!  With “so what” ringing in my ears, let me explain why this to me feels Read more

Can we help you? Yes we can!

Solving all your online course related queries is how we can help you today to impact your tomorrow. We are the School Services team, ... Read more

Collaborating with Site-based Coordinators to support students

The Site-based Coordinator (SBC) is the key link between Pamoja and the student. Acting as a supporting face-to-face mentor for online ... Read more

Writing an Extended Essay: the real lessons I learned along the way

My name is Dani, and I am an IB survivor. I have worked all night on Internal Assessments, cried in at least one exam (Higher Level ... Read more

Learn Chinese, double your world!

汉语桥 - 学会中国话,朋友遍天下 My name is Santiago, I attend high school in Argentina, and I am a Pamoja 2015-2016 November session student, part of Read more

A Learning Mindset

Professor Chew’s presentation on how learning occurs, and what can be done to facilitate your own, can be found here.  The information ... Read more

Howarth (2002) and an Historical Perspective

Social identity theory was first proposed by Henri Tajfel (1971). He argued that the groups to which we belong are an important source ... Read more

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