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Case studies

Online learning: Reflecting on one year in a global classroom

My name is Radha, I am from Aruba but I currently attend The Codrington School, The International School of Barbados. I have just completed my first year of the Diploma Programme, and I am taking Psychology SL with Pamoja.

My favourite element of the course and the platform interface is the fact that the course work is independent, so you can manage when you want to do your work, as long as you have it in by the deadline. It allows for better scheduling compared to the more traditional face-to-face courses in my school. I do think that the group work through Pamoja is interesting too, because you can work with people globally. The main highlights of the course for me would actually be learning new aspects about psychology that I didn’t know before. Because I took this course in my high school years before I’m going to apply for university, it definitely steers me in a more specific direction.

Top 5 tips for surviving (and thriving) in exam season

A lot of people leave studying for their exams to the last minute, myself included. I have yet to meet anyone that would want to sit down and study rather than watch a show (or do almost anything else!). It’s always pretty great until it comes down to the day before...

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