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How does Pamoja Taught work?

Global collaboration

Students use our online platform to access content at any time, and interact with Pamoja teachers and other students from around the world via live lessons, messaging, discussion forums and journals.

Teacher support

Student engagement, activities and submission of assignments are tracked by Pamoja teachers to provide support at the point it is needed.

Progress monitoring

Schools designate a member of staff to be our first point of contact to keep track of student progress, and provide face-to-face support if needed.

What your child will get

  • Wider range of subjects to choose from
  • High quality courses taught by experienced IB teachers
  • Unique opportunity to study with classmates around the world
  • Flexibility to fit the online course around their other commitments

How your child will benefit

  • Gain practical experience of collaborative tools and digital technologies
  • Develop essential skills for success at university, work and life
  • Become an independent, self-directed learner
  • Strengthen intercultural awareness

Meeting IB standards

Pamoja Taught courses are written by subject matter experts and authorised by the International Baccalaureate. They cover the same course content and prepare students for the same assessments as traditional face-to-face IB DP courses. You can be confident that courses meet IB standards and learning outcomes, as well as being fit for purpose for an online environment.

Getting a head start for university

Pamoja Taught courses provide students with practical experience of collaborative tools and digital technologies, promoting self-direction and independence in learning; skills that are highly desired by universities around the world.

According to research carried out by the University of London’s Institute of Education with students using Pamoja courses, many indicated that the pre-university experience of online learning provided ‘rehearsal space’, allowing students to develop their approaches to study, including note-taking, information searching, and communicating online (with peers and teachers) before starting university.


IB World Schools are responsible for registering students - get in touch to find out whether your school already offers Pamoja Taught courses. Alternatively, speak to your school's Diploma Programme Coordinator.

I had confidence in Pamoja because they have a representative at the school who provides support. It’s not just an online course - there is someone from the teaching staff at the school who is also checking in with him, making sure that things are going well, that he’s doing his work and that it’s a successful experience for him.
Wayne Martin-Burnett, father of Pamoja student Kaymin
Amy’s marks have improved significantly from where she began to where she is now, and we’re all really pleased. Before she started she really didn’t like French. She had this idea that she was absolutely useless - she couldn’t speak properly, couldn’t pronounce the words properly, she would never be able to do this. I don’t know how Pamoja did it, but she is now considering Eastern Europe as a place to study, and French would then be her language that she’d carry on studying alongside medicine. She’s willing to go for it and learn more French - it’s boosted her confidence, she doesn’t stress about the pronunciation and the vocabulary anymore.
Sandy Trull, mother of Pamoja student Amy
My daughter is currently taking Mandarin with Pamoja because we lived in China and Malaysia where she had very close contact with the language and grew up speaking, reading and writing it, so Mandarin was one of the courses she would definitely take. When we got to Cairo the school didn’t offer it, and so we immediately considered signing up for Pamoja. It was a no brainer and an easy process - she is doing very well.
Alexander Trespach Nenes, School Principal at Narmer American College in Cairo, Egypt and father of Pamoja student Lia

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