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Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL

The IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL course content has been developed to meet the requirements of the new IB Diploma Subject Guide (first exams May 2021). There is a strong emphasis on calculus and on algebraic, graphical and numerical approaches. In this course, students will develop strong skills in mathematical thinking and become fluent in the construction of mathematical arguments.

The Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches course is designed for students who wish to study mathematics as a subject in its own right or to pursue their interests in areas related to mathematics. It will appeal to students who are interested in exploring real and abstract applications of mathematical concepts. They will enjoy problem solving and generalisation. This course is suitable for students who may go on to further study in subjects that have a significant level mathematics content, for example mathematics itself, engineering, physical sciences or economics.

Topics covered through the course

The five topics below are covered during the SL course – each of these topics has sub-topics.

  • Number and Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry and Trigonometry
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Calculus

There is some content that is common with the Mathematics: Applications and Interpretations course but the Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches has a greater emphasis on calculus, numerical and algebraic approaches.

Activities and assessment

Teacher and students have regular opportunities to assess progress and attainment.  Some activities assess student achievement against formal criteria, such as worksheets, problem sets or quizzes.  Learning is also supported with discussion forums and journals in the online classroom.

Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed, it is recommended students commit five to six hours a week.

A Graphical Display calculator is required for this course. Pamoja recommends the following two calculators:
Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE
Texas Instruments TI-Nspire (a non CAS version)

Benefits to students

Taking Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL will enable students to:

  • develop independence in learning and time-management
  • develop their ability to work in a connected world
  • become experienced in a wide range of digital learning tools
  • gain skills for success at university, work and life

Course availability

This course will be available for use by schools with enrolments from:

  • August 2019 for May exam sessions
  • January 2020 for November exam sessions

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