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English A Language and Literature HL

In this course, students study texts from a broad range of literary and non-literary texts. Students investigate the nature of language and the ways in which it shapes identity and culture.

Course content available from September 2019, for first exams in May 2021.

Themes covered through the course

The core themes of the class will allow students to explore different writers, different places, and different types of texts, as well as the relationship between texts.

Activities and assessment

Some activities assess student achievement against formal criteria, such as essays, content production and reflections. Learning is also supported with discussion forums and journals in the online classroom.

Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed, it is recommended students set aside seven to ten hours a week for the HL course. How much of the course material is covered in the classroom and how much via independent learning is flexible and to be decided by the school teacher.

Benefits to students

Taking English Language and Literature HL will enable students to:

  • develop independence in learning and time-management
  • develop their ability to work in a connected world
  • become experienced in a wide range of digital learning tools
  • better cope with online learning demands in higher education

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