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Biology SL

Part of the IB subject group 4, Sciences, the Biology SL course is a comprehensive offering that provides students with a quality learning experience as they investigate the living world at all levels.

Available from 1st October 2018

Themes covered through the course

The course covers the following topics at Core level: cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution and biodiversity.

This course also covers Option D: Human physiology.

Activities and assessment

The course has regular formative and summative assessments and a range of activities, including online media, discussions and lab activities.

Advice from our teachers

In order to succeed in Biology SL, we recommend students set aside six to eight hours per week. How much of the course material is covered in the classroom and how much via independent learning is flexible and to be decided by the school teacher.

Benefits to students

Taking Biology SL will enable students to:

  • gain an understanding of the living world at all levels
  • develop their observational, analytical and collaborative skills
  • consume course content outside of the classroom including formative exercises and interactive activities
  • become independent learners and develop time-management skills
  • experience a wide range of online learning tools

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