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Read our latest blog-post for students currently studying psychology for the IBDP from Pamoja teacher, Peter Anthony

To ensure a high score on your Internal Assessment in IB Psychology, you need to avoid errors and include essential information in your report. You will find some suggestions below:


  • Explicitly state the relevance of your aim. The relevance needs to be more than just replicating a study. Explain the broader implications and applications of the aim of your investigation.
  • Your research and null hypotheses are the two of the most important sentences in your report. Reports that operationalise the IV and the DV most successfully use the word “significant”.


  • When you explain your choice of participants, describe both the target population and your sample and why those participants were suitable.
  • In the context of controlled variables, explain how you either controlled for participant variability (independent measures) or the order effect (repeated measures design).


  • Do not include more than one measure of central tendency and dispersion.
  • Interpret the results of both your descriptive and inferential statistics.
  • Check that the number of tails of your hypotheses and your calculation match.
  • The means do not provide any support for your hypothesis. Only inferential statistics enable you to reach a conclusion about your hypothesis.
  • Provide the working of inferential statistics. This site on stats is highly recommended.


  • Do not evaluate in terms of ecological validity. You are asked to evaluate your experimental design, not the experimental method.
  • Modifications should be explicitly linked to an identified limitation.

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