Psychology and Cinematography

Psychology, Blog | May 19, 2012
Psychology explores human behaviour, an endeavour the discipline share with film makers. Screenwriters and directors often delve into psychological concepts and touch upon theories of human behavior. While some movies are based upon the lives of famous psychologists,...

Howarth (2002) and an Historical Perspective

Psychology, Blog | May 9, 2012
Social identity theory was first proposed by Henri Tajfel (1971). He argued that the groups to which we belong are an important source of pride and self-esteem. Unfortunately, identifying with a specific “ingroup” to improve our self-esteem can lead to competition and...

Social Cognitive Theory: Bandura and the Bobo Doll

Psychology, Blog | March 29, 2012
Social cognitive theory suggests behaviour is modelled by other members of a group and acquired through observation or imitation based on the consequences of a behaviour. Bandura (1977) was one of the first psychologists to investigate how behaviour is modelled and...

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