Disgust and Evolutionary Psychology

Psychology, Blog | August 7, 2016
Evolutionary psychologists believe that if behaviour exists in society today, then it must be a useful adaptation that has helped us survive and reproduce, a concept known in evolutionary theory as ‘the survival of the fittest’. They also point out that despite the...

Learning about psychological research

Psychology, Blog | June 26, 2016
While philosophers ponder life’s big questions and poets play with words to convey their ideas, psychologists carry out scientific research. They have many options: observe people, ask people questions or set up conditions to see how people react. In broad terms,...

False memories – false claims made?

Psychology, Blog | June 2, 2016
As recently as 2014, Elizabeth Loftus wrote that as well as being easily created, false memories could also last a long time. However, the latest research questions whether false memories are indeed as easy to induce as psychologists like Loftus would have us...

Writing a conclusion for your response to an ERQ

Psychology, Blog | April 21, 2016
When you have worked your way through nearly an hour’s worth of writing for an ERQ in an exam, the conclusion can sometimes seem daunting.  However, follow these tips to help you round off your essay well: Summarise your essay – imagine your whole essay in miniature...

War of the ghosts

Psychology, Blog | February 18, 2016
Frederic Bartlett was a British psychologist who specialised in experimental psychology at the University of Cambridge. He is most famous for an experiment called “War of the Ghosts” (1932), which demonstrated the constructive nature of memory and the influence of...

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